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Atelier Normandy

Normandy is a fertile land of verdant pastures, bountiful orchards and happy cows.  This idyllic region provides inspiration for the unmistakable ironwork of the Atelier Picard-Duboscq.        

Founded over 50 years ago by the Master Blacksmith Pierre Picard, this forge remains today the setting for the craftsmanship of three generations in this family of blacksmiths. In 2013, the designation of “Atelier d’Art” was bestowed by the French government making this forge one of only 12 in France to be approved to work on historic monuments.

The excellence in artistry is visible equally in the strength of the hammered textures and the elegance of the graceful curves. Uniquely detailed chandeliers, sconces, furniture, beds, and fire accessories are all forged one at a time by hand and available in a wide range of styles. The artisans  in our Nashville studio hand apply a range of patinas that compliment this vibrant work. Custom work is our specialty.